Next generation adaptive learning tools that will transform your content

Introducing Adaptera, a proven adaptive learning environment delivered through the cloud and derived from a legacy of machine learning (Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding) tools developed by Vantage that have been successfully transforming learning since 1991. Adaptera tools will help publishers transform their content in order to become more agile to market, create new revenue streams and create the classroom of the future.

Adaptera empowers publishers to:


Start with our iseek engine that consumes and unifies structured and unstructured content, data and information of any media type. This allows publishers to see how to unbundle content to create new products that meet customer demand.


Then use Adaptera Content Tools to create the ultimate learning environment with your content. Performance-based questions, interactive activities (with no programming required) and adaptive pathways are created to prescribe learning for any student, anytime, anywhere.


Finally our Intelligent Adaptive Learning Pathways technology guides students through the learning experience, adjusting path, pace and pedagogy while providing data to quickly view patterns and adapt instruction uniquely prescribed for the learner’s style and needs.

Adaptera tools can be easily integrated into your LMS, online learning or training platform or webpage. We invite you to explore our tools and services from the menu choices above to learn more about how Adaptera can help you deliver the next generation of e-Learning products with your content…