Publishers can also take advantage of the Adaptera team’s strategic insight to create personalized, adaptive learning experiences without building everything themselves. We can work with you, helping you become agile to market with your content in the following areas:

Content and Assessment Services

Our suite of content and testing services covers all stages of the test development process including the creation, production, management, and positioning of content, test items, instructional materials and resources, media elements and metadata. Our assessment and psychometric team will work with you to produce a customized solution while maintaining the integrity necessary to meet requirements set forth in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Tests.

We can assist Publishers in the following areas:

  • Item Specifications
  • Item Authoring
  • Item Writing and Review Workshops
  • Item Banking Systems and Content Management
  • Item Production and Migration
  • HTML, XML/QTI, TeX, MathML, etc.
  • Curriculum-Based Content Methodology and Practice
  • Measurement-Based Content Methodology and Practice
  • Sequencing of Content Based on Rules and Conditions
  • Adaptive Learning Environments™ (ALE)
  • Adaptive Classroom Environments (ACE)
  • Lexile and Readability Metrics
  • Blueprinting
  • Alignment to Standards
  • Bias Review Studies
  • Accommodations for Testers
  • Scanning, Scoring, and Reporting
  • Editorial Services

Writing Support and Scoring Services

Our writing support and scoring service team provides services and support related to development, modeling, scoring and or management, including both extended constructed response and short constructed response item types.


  • Prompt and Resource Development
  • Rater Training and Calibration
  • Holistic and Analytic Scoring
  • Evaluation of Writing and Speech
  • Rubric Development and Comparison
  • IntelliMetric™ Modeling
  • Writer’s Models
  • Writing Methodology and Practice

Psychometric Services

Our experienced psychometric team supports activities designed to produce, collect, analyze and validate the performance of a student, employee candidate, or a piece of content such as a test item.

Psychometric Service Professionals have expertise in the following:

  • Standard Setting
  • Content Validity Studies
  • Item Bank Health Reporting
  • Pilot Testing Processes and Procedures
  • Scoring Algorithms
  • IntelliMetric™ Automated Scoring Engines
  • Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)
  • Adaptive Learning Environments™(ALE)
  • Adaptive Classroom Environments (ACE)
  • Data Analysis
  • Trend Analysis and Predictive Analytics