Adaptera tools will make your content more dynamic and agile to market in order to meet the growing demand for performance-based, authentic learning experiences. Our tools will help Publishers maximize the value of their assets, drive new revenues and provide consumers with engaging, enriching experiences. They include a broad set of Intelligent Adaptive assessment, content, analytics, and psychometrics from web assessment applications and Adaptive Learning Environments™ to assessment blue printing, item management, psychometric analysis and single sign on, media storage, reporting and analytics including:


We give you powerful tools to manage item banks and quickly build and customize the learning experience. Performance-based questions and interactive activities can be assembled (with no programming skills required) into adaptive learning pathways that personalize learning with immediate instructional intervention.

Additional features include:

  • The ability to create over 35 question types such as: multiple choice, speak, drop/drag, cloze, formula, matching, plot, audio, video, essay, short answer — all with automatic scoring
  • You can import items from other content repositories
  • Produce item “packages” for reuse and/or distribution
  • Easily add metadata including, but not limited to: aligning to Common Core standards, DOK, difficulty, Lexile®, readability
  • Support all media types (audio, video, images, passages, rubrics, etc.)
  • Embed feedback (hints, explanations)
  • Flexible item layout templates
  • Manage item review process and permissions (create, review, edit, publish)

Adaptive Intelligence and Scoring Technologies

Our Adaptive Learning Environment™ combines advanced psychometric and adaptive engines, machine learning, unified data, ecommerce services and streamlined assessment procedures into the building blocks you need to quickly create innovative assessment and learning applications.

Those technology building blocks include:

  • Computer Adaptive Assessment Engines
    • Proven 3 Parameter and 1 Parameter IRT based engines
    • Mass Simulation testing and diagnostics
  • Intellimetric™ Essay and Constructed Response Scoring
    • Industry proven as the premier high and low stakes scoring engine
  • Natural Language Understanding Short Answer Scoring
    • Backed by 42 patents and one of the most efficient short answer item type scoring engines available
  • Adaptive Learning Pathway Advisor
    • Decision support Intelligent Agent that personalizes instruction, feedback and resources based on billions of data slices.
  • Originality Checking
    • Essays checked across billions of documents
Analytics and Reporting
We provides the cloud infrastructure necessary to ensure secure, scalable digital data management including longitudinal storage and analysis of all data including statistical, assessment, content, and psychometrics. Our engines consume and unify your data (structured or unstructured) from anywhere, of any size, aggregate this content for data interpretation on the fly.
Easy Integration
Adaptera tools easily integrate with your existing platform and can help you deliver your content in any way and to meet any opportunity. Make any browser, Chromebook, iOS, or Android device part of your assessment and learning platform.
Secure Browsers
Vanguard®- Vantage’s secure browser provides you with complete control over the desktop environment, enabling only those services that are appropriate for a given situation and locking users out of sites and locations that you don’t want them to visit, eliminating distractions and all possible methods of using the computer to cheat.
We make it easy for you to create a visually appealing application that matches your website or brand. This includes logo and colors, and other customizable options.
Development API Kits
For those publishers that already have their own applications but want to leverage our sophisticated authoring tools, item banks, scoring or reporting technologies, Development API kits are available upon request.